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Welcome to a cross-game universe for trading, buying, and selling virtual assets. What are you waiting for?

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NiftyMarkets Is a comprehensive gaming marketplace for your in-game assets. We offer a revolutionized online transactions platform that is fully governed and secured; where all traders, sellers and buyers can enjoy an absolute peace of mind.

Our goals

We understand the hidden demand for virtual assets trading. Our faith is based on many years of successful experience in the gaming business, seeing the latest trends how the industry is skyrocketing, and providing the gaming community with simple and innovative solutions.

Already, 2.4 billion gamers across the globe spend $138 billion on games annually and this number is rising sharply. Currently, hundreds of millions of gamers are looking for a reliable way of trading where they can finally make money and trade off virtual goods from their favorite games. That’s why we created NiftyMarkets, an in-game items trading and monetization technology and service.